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    Welcome to TBQ Services.

    Cottage industry low cost web services with that important one to one personal touch.

    TBQ Services: The one stop shop for a website.
    One Stop Shop Bundles: Hosting, Domain name, and free website*

    At  TBQ Services I offer a full service to give you an on-line presence. Domain name management, c-panel hosting on a solid state virtual private server and a free  CMS website (conditions apply).
    The available  bundles:

    My office is located at Collingwood Park Qld. I have a track record of site construction and support. My rates are very reasonable. So if you want support for a new or existing CMS site and would like to deal with someone familiar with the cultural and business needs that prevail in Australia I may well be the help you need. I can also “clone” an existing site into a WordPress one. This makes it far easier for you to look after your own content should you wish.  Links to examples of my work are available here. This site has introductory information about WordPress .This will be expanded as needed to be a resource for clients who wish to develop their own skill in adapting their cms site.

    How to start:

    I have provided some food for thought about your approach to creating a website.

    Please feel free to email any inquiry.
    This website as an example:

    This website is a reasonable example of a simple site. It has simple lines and a simple message. It has only a very small number of the cleaver things that WordPress allows.  Please consider this site a work in progress.  Really the best way to see what is possible is to review my portfolio of work.

    The background I bring to the business:

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I ceased full time professional life as a health care professional a few years ago.  I have been computer literate since the advent of the personal computer and have been “at home” with both Dos  and Apple -Mac operating systems from the early 1980s. Over the years I have  developed competence with Microsoft office, Adobe Acrobat, html editing software, a variety of image manipulation software, and many of the tools useful to working with both windows and apple systems. Having left full time work I explored programs used for website maintenance and development.   In the context of my life time interest in sailing  I applied and expanded my computer skills to enable me to produce CMS websites. My introduction to this was the building of a complex website for the Wynnum Manly Yacht club to focus on their main annual event , The Manly Hotel St Helena Cup. http://thesthelenacup.com.au/. I have subsequently provided the WMYC with a dedicated site for their annual Lady Skippers’ race event. http://ladyskippersrace.com.au/ .

    Track record:

    Over the last 2 years I have completed many sites. The most demanding has been the complete re-building the website of Queensland’s premier marine and yacht photographer Julie Geldard. This site is an excellent example of a very complex fully integrated site, inclusive of  a booking system and and 2 e-commerce facilities. (http://vidpicpro.com/). The site has over 10,000 yacht racing images on display. One of my on-going projects is a site about a famous Australian classic yacht Wraith of Odin. This web site provides examples of a whole array of image and video manipulation skills that I can bring to your job. (Video here) . While marine themes have dominated my work thus far I am more than able to assist any small business.  My clients have come from print services, the arts, photography and event management backgrounds. In my full time working life I ran my own small business and my understanding of the small business world will be of great use to you. I believe that the sites I have built are testimony to my technical compliance.  What is more important in fact, is that I have high level listening skills and organisational capacity.You will find it easy to make me understands you requirements. You will find me clear and unambiguous in my communication. To assist in the early ” clarification -of-concept” phase I am able to build the broad draft of your site in an on-line test bed (example here ) , this allows  you to provide feed back on the run.


    My attitude to support is diametrically opposite to the cavalier, “we don’t mind if you suffer” approach often found in the IT industry.

    Sites I have built

     Wraith_of_Odin_Alden_ivory 64 Wraith of Odin vidpic for icon sq Vidpicpro sunset logo etch trans Sunset Digital
     rosseta square Turner Fine Art St Helena logo.cdr The St Helena Cup TBQ_letterhead Traditional Boats Qld
     WMYC flag only  jpg The Lady Skippers Race SCS- BW 1 Stable Camera Systems lbda SHR POS 2014-icon Laurabada
     The Army Museum of Tasmania SSAA Militaria Collectors Tasmania INC